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The Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation Limited (BEVCO) is a fully owned Kerala government company which was incorporated in the year 1984 and it was entrusted by government with the purchase and sale/distribution of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL), Beer, Wine, foreign made foreign liquor (FMFL) and foreign made wine (FMW) in the state of Kerala. The corporation has also been entrusted with major portion of the Retail Shops in the State. The company is headed by a board consisting of directors nominated by government. The territory along with it's sales and warehousing is divided into six regions by the corporation. Each region is headed by a regional manager. KSBC is having 26 Warehouses( FL-9 WHs) and 277 Retail Outlets (FL-1 Shops) throughout Kerala. Out of the 277 shops, 143 outlets have self-service/premium Counter facilities. The southern most outlet is at Kaliyikkavila in Thiruvanathapuram district while the northernmost is at Seethangoli in Kasargod District. The southernmost warehouse is at Balaramapuram in Thiruvanathapuram district while the northern most warehouse is at Battathur in Kasargod district. The head office of the corporation is situated in BEVCO TOWER, Vikas Bhavan P O, Palayam Thiruvananthapuram. The corporation is one of the major contributors to the state exchequer.

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation shall always strive to make available genuine liquor, ensuring a steady stream of revenue to the Government by way of taxes and also at the same time restricting its consumption so that there is only responsible drinking and health hazards due to liquor consumption are minimized.

• Undertake the business in Foreign Liquor in an open and transparent manner so that all stake holders such as manufacturers , licensees, customers etc., are given free and fair deals while dealing with the Corporation in its business.
• Promote , establish and operate storage facilities, depots, Godowns, Warehouses for wholesale purchase and sales to another licensees . To establish and run retail outlets to meet the demand of retail consumers for liquor including Indian Made Foreign Liquor, Foreign Made Foreign Liquor, Beer & Wine.
• Create and provide better services and amenities to customers for purchase of liquor in the form of online booking, digital payments etc.
• Make efforts to create and provide direct and indirect employment as well as ethical labour behavior as part of taking up the production and marketing activities along with stakeholders.
• Strive to bring about systems and fair practices which ensure level playing field to all suppliers of liquor in the State & treat them as stake holders.
• Policies will be implemented to ensure corruption free functioning of the Corporation by having proper internal control systems in place with clear, transparent & ethically correct actions.
• Take action to ensure better services to the Public/ Customers /Licensees with a polite behavior, efficient functioning, technological advancement, charging correct price and digitalization of all possible aspects of trade involved.
• Work towards having an advanced financial accounting and management system to properly record all transactions, prevent any leakages , timely finalizing and publishing of audited accounts
• Provide financial assistance under CSR scheme (Corporate Social Responsibility) to various projects and programs of government departments, local bodies, NGOs which are socially desirable and beneficial to public, in line with the provisions under the Companies Act 2013
• Take actions to discourage the state of illegal and illicit liquor in coordination with excise, Police and other law enforcement departments and introduce modern technologies like e-labeling, e-security measures for origin to end tracking of liquor bottles.

Our Leadership

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Shri. PINARAYI VIJAYANHon. Chief Minister
Shri. M.B.  RAJESHHon. Minister For Excise
Shri. YOGESH GUPTA IPSHon. Chairman & Managing Director
Name with Designation
Chairman & Managing Director
Office:0471 2728677
Commissioner of Excise
Office:0471 2332632
Commissioner for State GST Department
Office:0471 2785202, 0471 2785203
Additional Secretary, Finance  Department,
Government of Kerala.
Office:0471 - 2517394
Joint Secretary (Taxes)
Government of Kerala.
Shri.  ViswaNathan T K
General Manager (Admin) &
Law Officer (i/c)
Office:0471 2311207
Shri. Abhilash C U
General Manager(Finance) &
Company Secretary (i/c)
Office:0471 2311207
Shri. Sachith S
Internal Auditor
Smt. Meenakumari T
Assistant General Manager( Operations)
Office:0471 2724970
Mob: 6238904127
Smt. Sishna.P.P
Deputy General Manager (Finance)
Smt. Jaimy Mary Jayan
Senior Manager (Accounts ) - I
Smt. Siji K V
Senior Manager (Accounts ) - II
Shri. Shiju Rahman
Regional Manager(S1)
Smt. Shally TV
Regional Manager(S2 )
Ksbc Regional Office(S2)
Valanjavattam P O,Thiruvalla Phone :0469 2747751 Mob:9447297917
Shri. Sasidharan P N
Regional Manager(C1)
Ksbc Regional Office(C1)
Chavittuvary Jn,SH Mount P O,Kottayam Phone :0481 2311079 Mob:9447297917
Shri. Sugunan S
Regional Manager(C2)
Ksbc Regional Office(C2)
Pettah,Tripunithura Phone :0484 2389131 Mob:9446000563
Shri. Shaji V R
Regional Manager(N1)
Ksbc Regional Office(N1)
Thrissur Phone :0493 2252000 Mob:9497130662
Suresh M
Regional Manager(N2)
Ksbc Regional Office(N2)
III Floor Amar Building
Chakkorthukkulam,Nadakkavu,Kozhikode Phone :0495 2760200 Mob:9447566100
Smt. Sreeja S
Confidential  Secretary to
Chairman & Managing Director
Office:0471 2724970
Shri. Arun V S
Manager(Administration I)
Shri. Sailesh Kumar
Manager(Administration II)
Shri. Vinod Kumar B
Shri. Sunesan K
Manager (I/A)
Shri. Santhoshkumar G P
Manager (Purchase & Cash)
Office:0471 2724970
Shri. Sojan
Manager (Secretarial)
Office:0471 2724970
Mob: 9567908152
Shri. Praveen S Nair
Head (IT Department) (i/c)
Office:0471 2724970
Mob: 9447297904
PostDuties and responsibilities
Company SecretaryIn charge of company meetings, policy matters and secretarial department
G M(Administration)In charge of administration of establishment personnel, labour and industrial relations
G M (Finance)Overall charge of finance department
Law OfficerAll legal matters in various courts, providing legal advice on all matters that may be referred by MD, monitoring the performance of standing/ retainer Counsels
Manager OperationsIn charge of supervision of the whole organization including   all the regions ,warehouses and shops regarding  the day to day operations  like sales, storage, loading/unloading  of stock, issue of stock
Internal AuditorIn charge of internal audit department
Finance ManagerIn charge of finance, account, cash , purchase, sales sections
Accounts OfficerAdministration and management of accounts of the organization
Regional ManagersSupervisory control over the warehouses and shops under the region
ManagersAt head office, managers act as a link  between the  head of the department and employees providing leadership in coordinating the activities. Each warehouses have a manager. The Managers are in charge of the wholesale business activity of the Warehouses and supervision of the retail business of the KSBC outlets with the assistance of assistant managers / accountants.
Manager (Audit)To ensure the proper functioning of the shops and warehouses according to norms of the organization
Assistant ManagersAssist the head of the department/WH manager in coordinating the activities
AccountantsTo manage the financial administration of the warehouse to support the WH manager
Computer ProgrammersSoftware related activities which Includes software development and support for the successful functioning of the whole organization
Line OfficersAssistant grade employees placed in head office, warehouses and shops are assisting the middle level and senior officers.
Helpers , LDC (Non Category), UDC (Non Category)Placed as supporting staff in the shops to attend the counter, in the warehouses for attending the supportive work and in Head Office for assisting staff and officers.
Labeling WorkersPlaced in the warehouses for attending to labeling of liquor bottles.

N.B: Business Activity of the Corporation is managed by purchases by following Annual Rate contract and replenishment and replacement procedure. The day to day management of the purchases is by a Purchase committee consisting of Senior Officers and Middle Level Officers under the Managing Director.

Regional Offices



Self Service Outlets

Some Facts


FL-1 14001 Seethangoli in Kasargod District is the Northern Most Outlet.


FL-1 1002 Kaliyikkavila is the Southern Most Outlet.


FL-9 WH Battathur near Kasargod is the Northern Most WareHouse.


FL-9 WH Russelpuram near Balaramapuram is the Southern Most WareHouse.


Ernakulam has 36 Outlets which is the most in a district


Wayanad is having 6 Outlets which is the least.

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Gen Manager(Administration)Shri. Zulfikar Rahman A0471 23112079447292000
Gen Manager(Finance) & Company Secretary (i/c)Shri. Abhilash C U0471 23112078078127168
Law OfficerSmt.Smitha Sam0471-27249709446001668
Internal AuditorShri. Sachith S0471-27249709447297907
Deputy General Manager (Finance)Smt. Sishna P P0471 27246499446000160
Assistant General Manager( Operations)Smt. MeenaKumari T0471 27249706238904127
Senior Manager (Accounts)- ISmt. Jaimy Mary Jayan0471 27246499778900159
Senior Manager (Accounts)-  IISmt. Siji K V0471 27246499778900158
Confidential  Secretary To Chairman & Managing DirectorSmt : Sreeja S0471-2724970:9388250692
Manager(Admn I)Shri.  Arun V S0471-27249709995593389
Manager(Admn II)Shri. Sunesan K0471-27249709995116768
Manager(Permit & Operations)Shri. Madhu S Prasad0471-27249709447070280
Manager(IA)Shri. Anoob V Raj0471-27249709746696536
Manager (Finance-Intelligence and Surveillance)Shri.Sailesh Kumar0471-27249709446718999
Manager (Finance Section)Shri.Santhosh Kumar G P0471-27249709497760548
Manager(Secretarial)Shri. Sojan  S0471-27249709567908152
Manager(ITD)Shri. Amal Jyothi J R0471-27249709605277626
IT Co-ordinatorShri. Praveen S Nair0471-27249709447297904
RM-South1Smt. Rasha K9497720917
RM-South2Smt. Shaly T V0469-27477519447644100
RM-Central1Shri. Shiju Rahman0481-23110799447297917
RM-Central2Shri. Anoop R0484-23891319446000563
RM-North1Shri . Sugunan S0487-22520009497130662
RM-North2Shri. Suresh M0495-27602009447566100
BalaramapuramShri. Vinod Kumar B0471-24091819446002378
NedumangadShri. Bijulal J0472-28135669447297922
MenamkulamShri. Shaju A9497269635
AttingalShri. Shiju S0470-26226287403348501
KollamSmt. Vipin S0474-27100299447297912
KottarakkaraShri. Sreejith R0474-24538809446000568
PathanamthittaSmt. Rinchu C V0468-22257729447297915
ThiruvallaShri GopaKumar G0469-27115519447297919
AlappuzhaShri Saji K S0477-22458159447297913
KottayamShri. Sivaram K K0481-25653799447297918
AyarkunnamShri. Renjith R0481-29665409497044564
ThodupuzhaShri. Jaison Joseph0486-22230629446000564
TripunithuraShri. Amal krishna B0484-23021309446000560
KadavantraShri. Vijeesh V9142156490
AluvaShri. Rajesh T0484-28384009447297910
PerumbavoorShri. Eldhos Thomas0484-28232929446000567
ChalakkudyShri. Sajeevkumar P K0480-27082849447297901
ThrissurShri. Jayesh P R0487-22505249447297909
PalakkadShri. Karthikeyan R0491-25380949447297920
MenonparaShri. Vinod D0492-32732359447297906
PerinthalmannaShri. Shibin V0493-32210809497044797
NaduvannurShri. Anurenj K8301835638
KozhikodeSmt  Rasila V0495-27650239447297921
KalpettaShri. Suneesh T P0493-62049559447622100
KannurShri. Linesh Cheriyath0497-27054709447297914
BattathurShri. Sajeev P V0467-2418080 9446000561
ThiruvananthapuramPRASHANTHA KUMAR T N9207561830
KollamSUDARSANA DAS C6238904112
PathanamthittaSUMESH S9847092027
AlappuzhaSREEJA  G R9745059564
KottayamPRADEEP KUMAR K P6238904121
IdukkiSAJEEV S9747064527
ErnakulamSYAMKUMAR  V  S8129631810
ThrissurSIJO GOMEZ9961625606
PalakkadRATHEESH KUMAR C9745226068
KozhikkodeNIDHEESH V6238904119
WayanadBIJU K T6238904120
MalappuramSAKKEER HUSSAIN  P  (i/c)6238904118
KasaragodSUNEESH T R  (i/c)8921251515