The Kerala State Beverages (M&M) Corporation Limited is a fully owned Kerala government company which was incorporated in the year 1984 and it was entrusted by government with the purchase and sale/distribution of Indian made foreign liquor (IMFL), Beer, Wine, foreign made foreign liquor (FMFL) and foreign made wine (FMW) in the state of Kerala. The corporation has also been entrusted with major portion of the Retail Shops in the State. The company is headed by a board consisting of directors nominated by government. The territory along with it sales and warehousing is divided into six regions by the corporation. Each region is headed by a regional manager. KSBC is having 23 Warehouses( FL-9 WHs) and 265 Retail Outlets (FL-1 Shops) throughout Kerala. Out of the 265 shops,95 outlets have self-service/premium Counter facilities. The southern most outlet is at Kaliyikkavila in Thiruvanathapuram district while the northernmost is at Seethangoli in Kasargod District. The southernmost warehouse is at Balaramapuram in Thiruvanathapuram district while the northern most warehouse is at Battathur in Kasargod district. The head office of the corporation is situated in BEVCO TOWER, Vikas Bhavan P O, Palayam Thiruvananthapuram. The corporation is one of the major contributors to the state exchequer.

The Kerala State Beverages Corporation shall always strive to make available genuine liquor, ensuring a steady stream of revenue to the Government by way of taxes and also at the same time restricting its consumption so that there is only responsible drinking and health hazards due to liquor consumption are minimized.

1. Bring about systems and fair practices which ensure level playing field to all suppliers of liquor in the State & treat them as stakeholders.
2. Ensure corruption free functioning of the Corporation by having proper internal control system in place with clear, transparent & ethically correct actions.
3. Ensure better services to the public/customer/licensees with a polite behavior, efficient functioning, technological advancement, charging correct price and digitalization of work.
4. Have an advanced financial accounting and management system to property records all transactions, prevent any leakages, timely finalizing and publishing of audited accounts.
5. Take all action to discourage sale of illegal and illicit liquor in co-ordination with Excise Department and introduce measures for origin to end tracking of liquor bottles through introduction of modern technologies like e-security labels etc.