PostDuties and responsibilities
Company SecretaryIn charge of company meetings, legal matters and secretarial department
G M(Administration)In charge of administration of establishment personnel, labour and industrial relations
G M (Finance)Overall charge of finance department
Manager OperationsIn charge of supervision of the whole organization including all the regions ,warehouses and shops regarding the day to day operations like sales, storage, loading/unloading of stock, issue of stock
Internal AuditorIn charge of internal audit department
Finance ManagerIn charge of finance, account, cash , purchase, sales sections
Accounts OfficerAdministration and management of accounts of the organization
Regional ManagersSupervisory control over the warehouses and shops under the region
ManagersAt head office, managers act as a link between the head of the department and employees providing leadership in coordinating the activities. Each warehouses have a manager. The Managers are in charge of the wholesale business activity of the Warehouses and supervision of the retail business of the KSBC outlets with the assistance of assistant managers / accountants.
Manager (Audit)To ensure the proper functioning of the shops and warehouses according to norms of the organization
Assistant ManagersAssist the head of the department/WH manager in coordinating the activities
AccountantsTo manage the financial administration of the warehouse to support the WH manager
Computer ProgrammersSoftware related activities which Includes software development and support for the successful functioning of the whole organization
Line OfficersAssistant grade employees placed in head office, warehouses and shops are assisting the middle level and senior officers.
Helpers , LDC (Non Category), UDC (Non Category)Placed as supporting staff in the shops to attend the counter, in the warehouses for attending the supportive work and in Head Office for assisting staff and officers.
Labeling WorkersPlaced in the warehouses for attending to labeling of liquor bottles.

N.B: Business Activity of the Corporation is managed by purchases by following Annual Rate contract and replenishment and replacement procedure. The day to day management of the purchases is by a Purchase committee consisting of Senior Officers and Middle Level Officers under the Managing Director.